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CarCareONE is a credit card and a line of credit just for your car. It lets you keep your car running safely and smoothly without tying up other credit cards because it can be used to charge service, parts, tires and anything sold by over 11,000 participating dealers nationwide.


  • Special Financing Available
  • Nationwide Acceptance At Over 16,000 Locations
  • Cards Accepted at All Exxon and Mobil locations
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance at no cost for 1 year*
  • New Purchasing Power
  • Doesn't Tie Up Other Credit Cards
  • Low Minimum Monthly Payments
  • No Annual Fee
  • Optional Debt Cancellation
  • *starts from the date the account is opened

How to apply!

    Consumer applications are available at your local Hi-Tech Auto shop, or you can apply online by clicking Here

    For an appointment call 770-458-9999

Make you life easy.

    The CarCareONE card makes it easy to keep vehicles in top shape. With Special Financing on all purchases over $150 and low, minimum monthly payments, the CarCareONE card is truly the complete auto service card. Once you're approved for the card you can use the CarCareONE much like a major credit card at all participating dealers.

    Key features of the card include Special Financing and Emergency Roadside Assistance for 1 year that starts from the date the account is opened...something you don't get with other major credit cards.

Year-Round Promo.

    $150-$499 Dollars (90 Day Same as Cash)

    $500-$999 Dollars (6 Months Same as Cash)

    $1000 and above (12 Months Same as Cash)

Service Specials

Auto Service Maintenance

15-Point Safety Inspection Service

Come in for a complimentary 15-Point Safety Inspection. Offer expires Nov, 30th 2008

  • 1.Reset maintenance counter in instrument cluster.
  • 2.Warning/indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting.
  • 3.Windshield wipers/washer and rear window wiper/washer Headlamp cleaning system.
  • 5.Check front brake pads for lining thickness.
  • 6.Inspect tires for damage and Correct preasure.
  • 7.Engine Oil and filter change.
  • 8.Check catch, safety catch and hinges of engine hood for proper operation.
  • 9.Check and correct fluid level.
  • 10.Engine cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion
  • protection.
  • 11.Windshield washer system.
  • 12.Battery check condition.
  • 13.Suspention.
  • 14.Steering.
  • 15.Engine/Transmission Operation.

Oil Service Drive off discount.

    Add life to your vehicle with added savings! BMW - Mercedes Benz Oil Change.

    Regular Oil Change $49.95 (Includes up to 6 quarts of Castrol motor oil and filter).

    Synthetic Oil change $69.95 (Includes up to 6 quarts of Castrol synthetic motor oil and filter).

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