BMW Recommended Services

Inspection I for only $ 295.95

expires Nov, 30th 2008

Engine Compartment

  • Engine Oil and filter change.
  • Check catch, safety catch and hinges of engine hood for proper operation.
  • Check and correct fluid level.
  • Check Engine cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection.
  • Check Brake system.
  • Check Windshield washer system.
  • Check Battery\Charging condition.
  • Perform Short Test with reset.


  • Reset maintenance counter in instrument cluster.
  • Warning/indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting.
  • Windshield wipers/washer, rear window wiper/washer.
  • Headlamp cleaning system.

Wheels & Brakes

  • Check front brake pads for lining thickness.
  • Inspect tires for damage and condition.
  • Correct tire inflation preasure.

Inspection II for only $ 525.00 before 2001, After 2001 295.00

expires Nov, 30th 2008

Everything on Inspection I plus

  • Replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plug
  • Replace cabin\Dust filter
  • Replace wiper blade
  • Power steering flush
  • Fuel injection & Throttel body service
  • Perform Short Test with reset.

In addition to all of the above